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Voice of Australian Hindus

Australian Hindu Media is the media wing of the Australian Hindu Association.

The Association advocates for the rights and interests of Hindus particularly in Australia; and provides support and assistance to the needy. 


We draw our members from a diverse cross-section of Australian Hindus.


Our members come from various professions and callings - including law, medicine, pharmacy, academia, media, information technology, finance, accounting, commerce, economics, science, technology, engineering, transport, building & construction, hospitality and telecommunications.


Members trace their roots to 17 different states and territories of India as well as Australia, Fiji and the United Kingdom.

 "मैं सभी प्राणियों को सामान रूप से देखता हूँ; ना कोई मुझे कम प्रिय है ना अधिक. लेकिन जो मेरी प्रेमपूर्वक आराधना करते हैं वो मेरे भीतर रहते हैं और मैं उनके जीवन में आता हूँ."

"I look upon all creatures equally. None are less dear to me and none more dear. But those who worship me with love live in me, and I come to life in them."

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

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