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  1. ​To promote Sanatana Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism.

  2. To promote the Hindi language and all indigenous languages of India.

  3. To promote the culture, history and civilisation of Bharat, commonly known as India.

  4. To assist, advocate for and ensure protection of Hindus and persons born in Bharat or whose ancestors were born in Bharat. 

  5. To work together with Hindu organisations in Australia and overseas.

Our Team


Amendra is a Sydney-based barrister, who has been practicing as a lawyer in NSW since 1992. He is also an arbitrator and mediator. Born in Fiji, Amendra migrated to Australia in 1989 following the Fijian military coups. It is from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India that Amendra traces his roots. Amendra's great grandparents migrated to Fiji from the Hindi heartland as indentured laborers in the 1880s. Amendra has a keen interest in the Hindi language, Hinduism and Indian history. 

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