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  1. ​To promote Sanatana Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism.

  2. To promote the Hindi language and all indigenous languages of India.

  3. To promote the culture, history and civilisation of Bharat, commonly known as India.

  4. To assist, advocate for and ensure protection of Hindus and persons born in Bharat or whose ancestors were born in Bharat. 

  5. To work together with Hindu organisations in Australia and overseas.

Our Team



Amendra K Singh

Amendra is a Sydney-based barrister, who has been practicing as a lawyer in NSW since 1992. He is also an arbitrator and mediator. Born in Fiji, Amendra migrated to Australia in 1989 following the Fijian military coups. It is from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India that Amendra traces his roots. Amendra's great grandparents migrated to Fiji from the Hindi heartland as indentured laborers in the 1880s. Amendra has a keen interest in the Hindi language, Hinduism and Indian history. He is the father of twins, Namrata and Avinash Singh, who have both followed him into the practice of law. Namrata is the principal Opal Legal and Avinash is the principal of Astor Legal.




Umang Chauhan

Umang Chauhan is a Chartered Accountant. He was born in New Delhi, India. Umang migrated to Australia in 2007. He has a keen interest in Sanatan values and Hinduism.




Sachin Gaur

Sachin Gaur is a telecom engineer who has resided in Melbourne for the past seven years. Born in Meerut, an ancient city associated with Ramayana, it is also known for the 1857 rebellion. From a family with strong Hindu values, he carries the principles of dharma into his community service work. This includes free tuition for children, distributing medicine to seniors and the underprivileged, as well as conducting free food drives for the needy. He fundraises for charities working with Hindu refugees in India and is an active and vocal participant in Hindu causes. He is devoted to the service and upliftment of dharma, volunteering his skills and time in the spirit of 'service before self', as his elders have taught him and which is his life's mantra.




Yogesh Khattar

A Sydney-based businessman, Yogesh Khattar has resided in Australia since 2005. Hailing from an Arya Samaj family in Haryana, Yogesh's parents were staunch followers of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Prabhu Aashrit Ji Maharaj. Yogesh emphasises that the Arya Samaj is not a religion of faith, but a gathering of noble people who believe their success lies in the success of humanity. A well-known and highly regarded community worker, he has devoted his life to serving the community. He is a social worker, a leader of the Arya Samaj community in Australia and a key organiser of highly successful events such as Holi and Deepavali festivals in Sydney. Yogesh has deep attachment to his motherland, India. He is also well versed in the Vedas and ardently follows the principles set out in them.  He speaks Punjabi, Hindi and English.





Kunal is a Melbourne-based engineer who actively contributes to Dharmic causes. Kunal writes on issues involving the Hindu community and geopolitics. This is informed by a scholarly interest in social, political and historical matters with particular concern for the human rights of Hindus. His background includes fundraising for Hindu refugees from Pakistan who live in Delhi refugee camps. He liaises with and supports at risk Hindu students and youth in Australia, as well as fundraising for persecuted Hindus in India. Complex problem solving in challenging situations is what Kunal does best and he brings to Australian Hindu Association strong analytic, critical and strategic skills to inform policy and practice of Hindu advocacy in Australia.




Sandeep Dankhar

Sandeep is a telecom engineer with an MA in telecommunications and network engineering. Sandeep belongs to district Karnal in Haryana, known as the city of Karna, the great warrior and generous King depicted in the Mahabharata. He grew up in a deeply religious farming family and this instilled in him an attachment to dharma and service since childhood. Since his early school days, Sandeep has enjoyed reading Hindu texts and has performed in religious plays in his home town. Sandeep is always ready to help those in need, regardless of their background. He volunteers in many Australian charities, fundraising, organising food, and accommodation.  Fond of nature, Sandeep loves exploring new places in the country like small towns and National Parks. Sandeep believes in Vasudhaiva Katumbakam, which means 'The world is one family'.

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Bharti Kundal

Bharti is a software engineer with a strong interest in the history of Bharat.  Her family migrated to India from Sindh and experienced the pain of partition.  This background motivates her to work towards understanding her civilization and creating awareness among Hindus across the globe to know the glorious past of Bharat and the ancestral roots of Santana Dharma. Her work is with Pakistani Hindu refugees for which she draws from her own experience and roots as a Sindhi migrant during partition. Staying strongly connected to her origins and who she is, is very important to Bharti. Diaspora community youth from Sindh have lost touch with their own culture and ancestry and this inspires her to help young Australian Hindus to reconnect to their roots and explore more about who they are and their ancestral civilisation.




Lokesh Sharma

Hailing from Himachal Pradesh, Lokesh Sharma lives in Melbourne.  He holds a post-graduate degree in industrial pharmacy and has a keen interest in literature. His family life instilled in him a love for Sanskrit texts and philosophy. He enjoys writing Hindi poetry and studying Sanskrit scriptures and other literature. The Bhagavad Gita is a favourite text and he is learning about the different indigenous languages of India.  His commitment to dharma includes social upliftment programs through Hindu temples, including serving food in temples, preparing and giving food relief during COVID.


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