Australian Hindu Association

About Us

The Australian Hindu Association is a leading national organisation of Hindus in Australia.

We are an independent voice for Australian Hindus. We speak without fear or favor on any issue affecting Hindus.

Our media wing - Australian Hindu Media has become the pre-eminent media platform for Australian Hindus.

Our Social Media Handles are:

All content is only posted after thorough investigation, research and fact-checking.

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Our Humanitarian Arm – the Australian Hindu Humanitarian Fund quietly helps the most needy and vulnerable both in Australia & overseas - such as Pakistani Hindu Refugees and families of Hindus who have been victims of murder, rape, violence or looting or those whose homes have been damaged or lost.

In collaboration with Opal Legal, our legal unit - Australian Hindu Legal operates the Australian Hindu Legal Helpline.

Our Australian Hindu Professionals division mentors students and assists recent migrant professionals. Our members come from various professions and callings - including law, medicine, pharmacy, academia, media, information technology, finance, accounting, audit, commerce, economics, science, technology, engineering and telecommunications.

  • We draw our members from a diverse cross-section of Australian Hindus. Our members trace their roots to 16 different states and territories of India as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Fiji.
  • We have members from all Australian states and territories.
  • Our Australian Hindu Business section assists and promotes small businesses who share our values and objectives.
  • We administer the Australian Hindu Organisations Register.
  • We fight for, defend and advocate for Hindus, Hindu rights and Hindu causes on every available forum and platform, including to federal politicians, state politicians, local government bodies, law enforcement and security agencies, legal forums, non-government organisations and media.
  • We levy a small annual membership fee of $12 to cover our essential expenses. Students are exempt from our membership fees.
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Our People

The AHA draws its leadership team from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and regional Australian Hindus.

Amendra K Singh

President and Founding Member

Amendra K Singh is the President and a Founding Member of the Australian Hindu Association.

Amendra is a Sydney-based barrister, who has been practicing as a lawyer in NSW since 1992. He is also an arbitrator and mediator. Born in Fiji, Amendra migrated to Australia in 1989 following the Fijian military coups. It is from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan in Bharat that Amendra traces his roots. Amendra's great grandparents migrated to Fiji from the Hindi heartland as indentured laborers in the 1880s. Amendra has a keen interest in the Hindi language, Hinduism and Indian history.

Because of previous security threats to some AHA leaders, information about the full leadership team of AHA will not be publicly disclosed to non-members.

    Our Objectives

  • To promote and protect Sanatana Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism.
  • To promote the Hindi language and all indigenous languages of India.
  • To promote the culture, music, dance, art, festivals, literature, history and civilisation of Bharat, commonly known as India; and that of the Indian diaspora world-wide.
  • To assist, advocate for and ensure protection of Hindus and persons born in Bharat or whose ancestors were born in Bharat.
  • To work together with Hindu organisations in Australia and overseas.
  • To assist the poor, vulnerable and needy.