The Australian Hindu Association launched last night to the delight of new members from across Australia, distinguished guests and the founding committee. Inspirational speeches, especially from President Amendra Singh, Councillor Suman Saha and the Deputy Mayor of Parramatta, Councillor Sameer Pandey, drew applause and strong support from the audience.

Setting off the program, AHA Secretary Bharti Kundal acknowledged traditional owners and discussed catalysts behind the formation of the new Hindu Advocacy group. Bindu Khattar delivered opening bhajans before Vice President Yogesh Khattar welcomed the community in Hindi.

President Amendra Singh expressed the vision and objectives of AHA with a powerfully motivational call to action. He explained that there is a war on Hindi, Hinduism and Hindustan. This war incorporates an ‘information war’.

Amendra expressed concern over serious harms against Hindus globally and now locally by a ‘sophisticated cabal’ working to degrade Hinduism and Hindu organisations as ‘regressive, discriminatory and even synonymous with terrorists’. He outlined plans to combat these and other issues to include legal help, internships, strengthening political representation and voice, protection, research, policy, training, education, communication skills and advocacy.
The AHA digital platform suite including website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were launched by founding committee members.
Namrata Singh, Principal of Opal Legal launched the Hindu Legal Helpline – a novel partnership between Opal Legal and the AHA.

Councillor Suman Saha spoke of his experience as the first Australian to be sworn into office in Sanskrit and how he deliberated, being able to speak several other languages fluently. He said, “Taking the oath in Sanskrit will bring more people together because it is a mother of many other languages”. He welcomes AHA because “We should have a say in the policy making of our community and a say in the policy making of our country”. He praised the credentials of the AHA committee and members because we want that policy to be written by professionals.

Councillor Sameer Pandey, inspired by young people on the committee, he expressed the importance of digital and social media to communicate the aspirations of Hindu Australians into the future. He urged the Hindu community to become more engaged with politics.

Video presentations providing support and encouragement to AHA were provided by Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatraya and Thanks Bharat Founder – Rahul Arya, both from India.

The event wrapped up with an aarti from Bindu Khattar, a vote of thanks by AHA Founder Sandeep Dankhar and a resounding ‘Jai Sri Ram’ from all the participants.

16 January 2022