In yet another unprovoked act, Khalistanis attacked a Tiranga Car Rally at Griffith in regional New South Wales on 11 June 2023. Rally participants accused police of bias and prioritising the removal of Indian flags from their cars rather than apprehending the attackers.

A convoy of cars carrying Indian flags was driving on Clifton Boulevarde near Ted Scobie Oval where the Griffith Sikh Games were being held.

Gaurav (assumed name) told AHM that he was part of the rally. Police instructed him to remove an Indian flag on his car, which he did.

Khalistanis started hurling abuse in Punjabi at him. ‘They were yelling words like bhenchod and teri maa ki at me,’ Gaurav said. Police were next to them.

Gaurav stated that he kept driving for a short distance, ‘Suddenly three or four people ran towards my car. They were swearing at me.’

‘One in a yellow turban threw a sword towards me, hitting and damaging my car. Police on horseback were near-by but did nothing.’

‘I kept driving. I saw the driver of a black Mercedes in front of me waving a sword out of his window. I told police about this act but they refused to include it in my statement,’ Gaurav said.

A photo of one of the damaged vehicles

Not a single arrest

Despite police being present in the midst of the attacks, not a single attacker has been apprehended or charged. This has been a recurring feature with Khalistani attacks in the past and they do not seem to have any fear of law enforcement agencies.

Khalistanis are claiming that the person dragging the Indian flag on the ground in this image is a police officer.

Call for ban on carrying weapons in public places

Earlier this year, the Australian Hindu Association had launched a petition calling for a ban on the carrying of weapons in public places. The petition has garnered 12,500 signatures.

The petition can be viewed here:

Litany of attacks by Khalistanis in Australia

There have been over 10 attacks by Khalistanis on Indians, Hindus and Hindu institutions in Australia in 2023 alone.

Four vehicles vandalised by frenzied Khalistanis

A total of four cars were damaged during the Griffith car rally by Khalistanis.

Saurabh (assumed name) told AHM that he was also part of the rally. He stopped in traffic at Clifton Boulevard. A Nihang, dressed in blue, suddenly ran towards his car and ripped off an Indian flag that he had taped on the bonnet.

It is not known whether the Nihang has been brought to Australia on a religious visa or by some other means.

A second person then approached his car and smashed the front windscreen. ‘He then broke my side mirror,’ Saurabh said. Meanwhile the Nihang was slashing at the back of his car with a sword.

Police response

On 13 June 2016, a NSW Police spokesperson provided the following response to questions from AHM:

Officers attached to Murrumbidgee Police District were made aware of a peaceful protest involving a short car rally that was to be conducted at a community sporting event at Ted Scobie Oval, Clifton Boulevard, Griffith at the weekend.

About 10.40am on Sunday (11 June 2023), police observed approximately 15 vehicles allegedly not following the plan submitted to police.

Soon after, four vehicles involved in the car rally were damaged and the incident was reported to police.

No one was injured and inquiries are continuing.

However, several rally participants told AHM that they were following the route they had submitted to police. Tha attacks took place on Clifton Boulevarde.

In support of their assertion, rally participants provided AHM with a copy of the route they had provided to police. That document supports the version given by rally participants.

The document given by rally organisers to Griffith Police