Victoria’s Craigieburn, Tarneit, Plumpton and Miri Piri Deanside Gurudwaras jointly planned and executed the Deep Sidhu car rally and memorial service where the “End Hindu Fascism” poster was hung.
Sources present during the organization of the events told AHM that the memorial service was initially planned by members of the management committee of Craigieburn Gurudwara.

Three Gurudwaras meet
Subsequently, management committee members of Tarneit, Miri Piri Deanside and Plumpton Gurudwaras, and some Khalistani activists met for several hours at Tarneit Gurdwara on the evening of Friday 18 February 2022 to finalize plans for the events.
At this meeting, it was decided that the car rally would end at Craigieburn.
Craigieburn Gurudwara Secretary – Gurdeep Singh Matharoo told AHM that his Gurdwara had no involvement in the organizing of the events.
However, our sources confirmed that management committee members of Craigieburn were fully involved in the planning of the events.

Tarneit Gurudwara
Tarneit is the Gurdwara where the then Indian High Commissioner Dr. A M Gondane and Melbourne Consulate-General Manika Jain were heckled on 19 November 2017, and anti-India slogans were hurled.

Car Rally
The car rally started almost simultaneously from two locations – Tarneit and Keysborough Gurdwaras shortly after 9 am on Sunday 20 February.

Route of the rally showing the organizing Gurudwaras

Khalistani flags and slogans were prominent throughout the rally.

Memorial service

Route of the rally showing the organizing Gurudwaras

Sources tell AHM that the four posters (pictured above) had already been installed by the time the car rally participants arrived at Craigieburn Gurudwara shortly after midday on Sunday 20 February 2022.
The Deep Sidhu memorial service finished at about 3:30 pm.
Management committee members of Craigieburn Gurudwara were present during the memorial service.
Their claim that they were not aware of the posters in these circumstances is difficult to reconcile.

Removal of posters
Krishna (assumed name) was driving past Craigieburn Gurdwara at approximately 9:45 am on Monday 21 February when he observed the posters. He told AHM that he was deeply hurt by the content of the posters. He immediately rang the police, who arrived a short time later.
“This is a political issue. We can’t get involved. Contact your local council,” they told him.
Krishna then complained to Hume City Council. The council sent an officer to the Gurdwara within a matter of minutes. The council officer directed the Gurdwara to remove the posters.
Reports suggesting that Gurdwara voluntarily removed the posters are incorrect.

History of radicalization
Indian-origin residents who live in close proximity to the four Gurudwaras told AHM independently that the gurudwaras have become a breeding ground for the radicalization of young Sikhs.
These Gurudwaras are regularly involved in incendiary pro- Khalistani, anti-India and anti-Hindu speeches and events, they say.
This post from Plumpton Gurudwara urges the “Khalsa Panth” to be “…prepared by wearing weapons…” to the event on 23 March 2022.

A supporter of Miri Piri Gurudwara with a Khalistan motif on his top.

Plumpton Gurudwara “dal” at the Australia-India 2021 Boxing Day cricket match protesting about Indian farm laws. A Khalistan flag can be observed in the background.

The interior of Plumpton Gurudwara with a picture of Jarnail Bhindranwale.

Charity status
Searches reveal that all four Gurdwaras receive substantial funding from governments and are also registered charities.
This is despite the gurudwaras openly engaging in and sponsoring non-charity activities such as the Khalistani movement and the Indian farmers protests; and inciting enmity against Hindu organizations such as the RSS and VHP.

Craigieburn Gurudwara

Plumpton Gurudwara

Emails from AHM to each of the four gurudwaras seeking a response have not been replied to.