Police were called to Victoria’s Craigieburn Gurudwara after some committee members became concerned about the behavior of a rebel group who were holding a function inside the Gurudwara.

A video has been posted on YouTube apparently by the rebel group.

This screenshot from the video includes persons believed to be Gurbax Singh Bains (with a long white beard and white shirt), Charanjit Singh (in blue shirt and orange turban), Kuldip Singh Bassi (clean-shaven, in a white shirt and reddish head-covering) and Gurvinder Singh Randhawa (in a black turban and greenish clothing)

Accusations against committee members
In the video, a man armed with a sword, accuses committee members of the Gurudwara of ‘taking out a procession to commit sacrilege against the weapons and gurus of our faith’ (…jo committee ne aaj jaloos kadiya saade panthada jo unhone beadbi kiti si saade shastra na peerandee …)

The video appears to have been taken within the precincts of the Gurudwara.
hants of ‘Khalistan Zindabad’ can be heard in the video.

The video begins with the man, dressed in blue and sporting a blue turban, introducing himself as from the ‘Khalsa Panth.’

Committee felt threatened by kirpans
The second speaker is a female. She claims, among other things, that committee members called the police because they felt threatened by the rebel group’s kirpans.

‘Police were guided by three committee members to walk upstairs to the Darbar Sahib of the Gurudwara. The police were wearing shoes’, she says.

She said that a lady at the entrance to the Darbar Sahib stopped police from entering the Darbar Sahib.

Hindu media is third grade
The male in blue then resumes speaking.

He claims that the committee gave a statement to a ‘Hindu Media reporter. ‘Hindu media has no reputation and are third grade. They called Deep Sidhu a ‘terror accused,’ they called us ‘Sikh terrorists’, he states.
‘30th April is going to be Khalistan Day and we will go ahead with it,’ he said.

AHM did do a story on the controversial ‘End Hindu Fascism’ poster event. However, the story did not call Deep Sidhu a ‘terror accused’ or refer to Sikhs as terrorists.

You can read that story here: https://www.australianhindu.com/post/four-victorian-gurudwaras-jointly-planned-the-end-hindu-fascism-poster-event

Deep Sidhu was right
Next, a man AHM understands to be Gurbax Singh Bains, speaks. In part, he says, ‘Deep Sidhu had earlier said that our existence is under threat and this incident today has proved his point.’

Committee are police informers
The last speaker is believed to be Kuldip Singh Bassi. During his address, Bassi states, ‘The committee is trying to suppress our voice and acting as police informers. This has happened to us in India and we have lost our people.’

‘The fight for our azaadi (freedom) is on and we will attain it,’ he also says.

AHM has emailed Craigieburn Police and Craigieburn Gurudwara seeking their responses. We will update this story should we receive a response.

You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/pJhBXJ6DMAk