An AHA investigation

Since as far back as 2020, gangs of Khalistani males had been terrorising Hindus in Sydney.

It was only after Hindus, such as Vishal Jood, retaliated that the attacks stopped.

In this series, AHA brings you hitherto unpublished details of the Sydney Khalistani attacks.

Manhar Singh sentenced to CCO for role in Harris Park Khalistani affray

On 28 August 2020, during a brawl between Khalistani supporters and Hindu Indian patriots in Sydney’s Harris Park, Manhar Singh drove his car at the nationalists and assaulted a bystander – ‘SS’.

You can watch Channel 7 speaking to Manhar Singh here:

Manhar Singh pleaded guilty to charges of ‘driving in a manner dangerous’ and assault. He was sentenced to a Community Corrections Order for 18 months for both charges.

What happened?
On the evening of 28 August, SS had gone to Harris Park with friends for dinner.

In his police statement, SS said, ‘…I saw a group of more than 50 Punjabi males…chanting “Khalistan Zindabad” over and over again…’

A group of males was standing around a car park. When they saw the group of 50, they walked towards them shouting ‘Jai Hind.’ There was a clash between the two groups and SS saw a male with a blue turban being pushed to the ground, stated SS.

SS was recording the fight on his phone when he saw a black Audi drive really close to the ‘Jai Hind’ group and stop.

Manhar Singh was the driver of the Audi.

“The driver said (to SS), ‘Why are you making a video?’
I said, ‘Why not?’
He said, ‘Stop it.’
I said, ‘Why?’”

SS stated that Manhar Singh then hit him on his forearm, causing his phone to drop.

‘The driver of the Audi got back into the car and kept driving backward and forwards into the group of males fighting and then he drove away,’ said SS.

You can watch the incident here: