Family members of at least one of the Australian Defence Forces Academy (‘ADFA’) cadets present at the Griffith Sikh Games were involved in organising the event, AHM has been told.
Held between 11 and 12 June 2022, ‘Khalistan’ flags and posters of the terrorist – Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale were paraded at the event.

The event was named 24th Shaheedi Tournament. The word – shaheed means ‘martyr.’

18 year old Indirveer Singh was one of the ADFA cadets who was present at the event. He is pictured below at the event with his mother – Harman Mavi. His father is B Singh Mavi.

B Singh Mavi

Sources told AHM that the over 1,000-strong Hindu community in Griffith contributed generously to the Games. Upon attending the event, they were shocked to find:

  • ‘Khalistan’ flags being flown throughout the venue.
  • ‘Khalistan’ flags being distributed.
  • Enormous posters of the terrorists – Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and his right-hand man – Thara Singh being paraded.
  • Incendiary speeches being made, particularly by one Mohan Singh.
  • Males in full armed forces uniform participating in the event in the vicinity of Khalistan flags and other separatist paraphernalia.

One Hindu donor told AHM, ‘We had no idea that the event would glorify terrorists and promote the Khalistan agenda which caused so much blood-shed in India. We left the venue in disgust.

Presence of ADFA cadets
It is believed that at least five ADFA cadets applied for, and were granted, leave to attend the event.

The cadets were from the army, navy and air-force. Australian soldiers are not permitted to wear their uniform unless they are on official duty. On this occasion, it is believed that ADFA gave the cadets special permission to participate in the event in full uniform.

The Canadian Khalistani connection

Canada is the hot-bed of Khalistani separatism. The Kanishka bombing, which was the largest mass killing in Canadian history, was carried out by Khalistani terrorists.

Gurudwara after Gurudwara in Canada has been taken over by Khalistani separatists.

Sources told AHM that the tents for the event were paid for by Canadian Khalistanis, via Sydney. Khalistani paraphernalia for the event and scripts for speeches were also overseen by Canadian Khalistanis, AHM has learnt.

There was an ADFA tent at the event from where ADFA cadets were distributing material to members of the public, AHM has been informed.

AHM has not been able to ascertain whether the tent was paid for by the ADFA, provided free or funded from external sources.

Screening Of Australian Armed Forces Recruits

AHM understands that Hindu applicants for the Australian armed forces are grilled about their religious beliefs and about (non-terrorist) organisations such as the RSS, VHP and HSS. This appears to be in stark contrast to the position taken by the ADFA in relation to Bhindranwale, Thara Singh and Khalistani militancy at this event.

The Threat Of Khalistani Terror In Australia

In a press release dated 17 May 2022, AHA President Amendra Singh had stated:

…The threat of Khalistani terror in Australia is real, particularly given that the banned terrorist outfit – Sikhs for Justice has established a presence in Australia.

There is a worrisome trend in Australia of pictures of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale adorning the walls of various Sikh religious institutions. Most of these bodies are registered charities and receive government funding in the millions.

There needs to be an education campaign and a rational debate in Australia about Bhindranwale and Khalistan terror. Bhindranwale is the same man who was responsible for a wave of terror in India’s Punjab in the 1980s which saw more than 20,000 Hindus, Sikhs and other Indians killed. His bands of supporters were also responsible for waves of abductions, looting, rapes and other forms of violence.

In one speech, Bhindranwale said, ‘If you don’t release my bus by 5pm, I will hack 5,000 Hindus to pieces in one hour.

The video can be viewed here:

No sane person wants to see a return of Khalistani terror and its export into Australia..’

The scholar – Puneet Sahani discusses Bhindranwale, Canadian Khalistanis and more in this video:

Massacre Of Hindus By Bhindranwale’s Goons

At the height of Bhindranwale’s reign of terror in Punjab in the 1980s, Hindus were singled out by his thugs and killed. Here are some press cuttings from that period:

AHM sent a list of 13 specific questions to ADFA on the entire issue. A Defence spokesman, however, provided a generic response, stating:

” A small group of Australian Defence Force members attended the Sikh Games in Griffith, NSW, over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend. Attendance was not in any official capacity and there was no formal invitation to Defence to participate.

“The ADF personnel who attended … had no prior knowledge of other groups attending the event, including political or separatist movements. The attendance of ADF personnel at this event in no way endorses any other group or organisation who may have also been in attendance.

“The Australian Defence Force is an apolitical organisation and Defence members are expected to remain impartial.

“While the attendance of the ADF personnel at this event was well-intentioned, it has identified some internal process issues around attendance at community events and a requirement for further awareness training, both of which are being addressed.

“Defence regrets any distress that accidental associations might have caused the Indian diaspora in Australia.”