A newborn girl from Sanchana village, Dhanduka, Gujrat, lost her father on Tuesday to an alleged conspiracy over a social media post. The streets were packed in Dandhakar on Thursday as police cars led Kishan Bharvad’s funeral procession with some taking up bikes and others on foot.


Justice for Kishan protests broke out across Gujurat, including in Dhanduka, Ranpur, Surendranagar, Botad and Dhrangadhra over the week.

Kishan had earlier apologised, with police facilitating community reconciliation.The video had an image of Jesus, Prophet Mohamed and Krishna depicting one as the prophet, one as the son and the other as ‘the God’.

The video has now gone viral on social media in solidarity with hashtags of #KishanBharvad and #JusticeforKishanBharvad. Rallies continue.

Gun provided by Islamic cleric
Two clerics, according to reports, sent two young men with instructions and weapons to shoot Kishan Boliya (Bharwad), just twenty years of age, on a public road in Dhanduka.
Suspects, Shabir aka Saba Chopda and Imtayaz aka Imtu Pathan, are currently in police remand since their arrest on Friday and have led police to recover the murder weapon. They shared information about masterminds behind the murder plot.

Maulana Mohammed Zavaravala aka Ayyub

Also arrested Friday, Islamic cleric, Maulana Mohammed Zavaravala, police say, provided a gun and ammunition. The gun may have been sourced from a third person whom police are investigating along with family members.

Suspects Chopda and Pathan. Source Zee News

A second Islamic cleric, Tareek Faroge Islam Chairman, Maulana Qamar Usmani, was imprisoned Sunday, accused of inciting Shabir to kill Kishan Bharwad via hate speech.

Videos of the Maulana’s provocative speeches are readily available on YouTube. Police are investigating this angle regarding the suspect’s claims.

Maulana Qamar Usmani: Image Credit ANI

Maulana Qamar Usmani in April 2021 was reported making threats about the ‘honour of the prophet.’

Ahmedabad Times reported the Muslim youth were groomed by making them watch videos of Pakistan cleric, Maulana Kadhim Rizvi, although this is not confirmed. In this video, of the Pakistan cleric, captions say he calls Hindus ‘cow urine drinkers’ and claims Americans cannot fight their soldiers because ‘they drink alcohol, which is urine’.

ATS reports the killers told police other youth are being radicalised within the ‘Legal Aid’ service of Tareek Faroge Islam to kill those who insult the prophet.

Gujurat Anti Terrorist Squad is on the case, and investigations into three more clerics and possible Pakistan involvement are underway. Zee News reports:

Police have called for the community to maintain calm.